Little words in big words

Little words in big words

A popular activity as a warm-up or for early finishers is to find all the words using the letters of a long word. The letters can be mixed up. I would not recommend this activity unless it’s something to fill in time at the end of the term or year. 

Hooking Students Into Learning... in all curriculum areas example page 195

In Hooking Students Into Learning … in all curriculum areas, there is an activity called, Little Words in Big Words (page 195 - click on the page image to view a full-size preview).

Students find all the smaller words in a longer word without changing the order of the letters.

This activity helps considerably with spelling because students do what good spellers do naturally; that is focus on the order of letters in a word and pay attention to all the letters in a word. Choose a long, subject-specific word for this activity.

Here’s what this looks like with the word, photosynthesis.

logonliteracy big words into little words exercise example


NB: You will need to decide if you are prepared to accept abbreviations e.g. photo

Have a go yourself with the word, justification.

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Little words in big words - logonliteracy