Tamara's Tuition
Tamara’s Tuition is run by qualified registered teacher, Tamara Playne, who has recent experience in Queensland schools. Tamara enjoys working one-on-one with primary and secondary students to improve their English and writing across all subject areas. I work on both the essential skills and the student's confidence needed to improve results.



Literacy Educators' Coalition 
A group of 400+ literacy educators from all around Australia that believe parents deserve accurate information about literacy standards and literacy teaching and learning.

National Literacy Trust - UK
The National Literacy Trust is a national charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK. It works to improve the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the UK's most disadvantaged communities, where up to 40 per cent of people have literacy problems.



Text Readability
This sites will determine the readability of web pages and word documents. 

Word Clouds 
Useful for showing which words need to be taught by generating a word cloud


Bibliography Creator 


Downloadable Graphic Organisers 

Hoax Web Sites

Dihydrogen Monoxide - DHMO 

The Pacific North West Tree Octopus 

Australian Drop Bears 


Count on Numeracy