Pat's Powerful Pedagogies

  • PAT’S POWERFUL PEDAGOGIES (PPPs) are weekly tips that will be sent to you directly via email (50 in total).

    Their purpose is to put effective literacy practices at the forefront of teaching and learning. Some practices are tried and true and have been around for a long time. Some you may not have seen or used before.

    Perhaps, there’ll be some that you used to use but have forgotten about. All of them are supported by what we know works.

    Each week, you will receive a short pedagogical practice:
    1. Read the tip and the reason we use it.

    2. Think about and plan how you will use it in your classes this week.

    3. Use it a few times.
4. Reflect on its use.

    5. Plan to use it again with or without modifications.

    There is minimal preparation associated with the practice – the idea being that it will shape an aspect of the approach to teaching and learning literacy that you use for that week.

    PPPs will keep your lessons vibrant, relevant and, most importantly, purposeful. They will ensure that anything you ask your students to do or do with them is worth doing. They may weed out some of the practices we use in the mistaken belief that we are ‘doing literacy’.