Student Workbook – How to write what you want to say … in secondary years

Students who struggle to put their ideas into writing need to work with examples of writing that demonstrate how this is done.

How to write what you want to say … in the secondary years: student workbook is full of activities for students to practise deconstructing and constructing texts that demonstrate writing skills.  Through repeated exposure to fit-for-purpose graphic organisers and sentence starters and language for connecting ideas within and between sentences, students become confident writers.

How to write what you want to say... in the secondary years (Second Edition) is part of a set of three books: 

These books provide parents, teachers and students with a unique tool for improving writing. They are suitable for students from the middle years of schooling to a tertiary level. 


ISBN: 9780987215932
Paperback, 2020
Pages: 146
Years 6 - Tertiary


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